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This page is dedicated to a product that I advocate hugely. I’ll explain below about my journey with the product, and whilst I’m an affiliate and brand partner now, I want to reiterate that I sampled and purchased the product on my own accord and have found it helpful over 5+ years, until I recently reached out to them about working together because I simply love it so much.


I have an affiliate code for 5% off the product or any products on Nouveau Healthcare website which means that I’ll earn a small commission on any purchases used with code KATYA5 or this link. AD

My Journey with Toxaprevent:

When I was diagnosed with hEDS I went to a nutritionist called Christine Bailey in October 2018. It was specifically recommended “to eliminate any endotoxins being produced with gut imbalances” and my gastro flare-ups (before I knew it was gastroparesis).  With the following prescription Toxaprevent Medi Plus Sachets – take 2 daily away from other supplements. Mix into water. Take one in the morning and one just before bed. Just on a flare up basis I would take the sachets for a gastro flare up or for example when abroad and my tummy is feeling uneasy/IBS symptoms or not digesting (gastroparesis). I would take them for a handful or so of days and when it would ease, then I’d stop. 


Then more recently in May 2023 - I went to Dr Tina Peers clinic called “The Menopause Consultancy” but it’s for histamine and MCAS too. I saw Dr Cathy Greig - who added in the Toxaprevent Histamine Intolerance Protocol, and I’ve been taking it since then non-stop (9 months+).  I also use their toothpaste which removes histamine from the mouth and I very much believe it also contributes to reducing hives here too.


When do I take it?

As part of the histamine intolerance (overload) protocol, I take 3 x Medi Pure capsules first thing in the morning with a big glass of water. I wait around 15 minutes before having my morning tea and a few hours before taking my morning meds that I have to take before my meal. 


Typically this protocol is best taken before bed, but because of the requirement to take it 2 hours away from any medications, and I have two batches of meds in the morning and before bed, I take 3 x Medi Pure capsules alongside a Medi Plus sachet mixed in a big glass of water 30 min before dinner. Top tip, swallow the pills with the Medi Plus water. I’ll also brush my teeth with the Denta Gain toothpaste.

What is Toxaprevent?

Right, so back to basics before delving into more information about my journey with it, how I use it and how it’s helped me…


Toxaprevent is a scientifically-backed toxin binder that has been proven to mop up and remove toxins. This overload of toxins that results in an over-reactive immune system is known as Histamine Overload (Histamine Intolerance). 


Toxaprevent contains medical-grade Zeolite Clinoptilolite MANC, Modified Activated Natural Clinoptilolite—the cleanest, safest and most optimised Zeolite iZeoliteorld. Toxaprevent's active ingredient, MANC, has been put through a unique process that optimises the particle size to keep it between 6-10 microns; this is really important when choosing the right zeolite. Toxaprevent’s Zeolite Clinoptilolite MANC is kept between these two sizes, as it is proven that it is too small to bind vitamins, minerals or nutrients but too large to pass through the gut barrier - the goldilocks size AKA just right! The zeolite oZeoliteind must never enter the liver or kidneys, as there is no evidence to show that once it does, it leaves, so Toxaprevent has been specifically designed to ensure this safety.


Download the Report to show Safety

Download the Report to show that Toxaprevent does NOT bind vitamins, minerals or supplements


Once Toxaprevent has mopped up and grabbed hold of the toxins, it won't let them loose and will leave the body with toxins when you pass your stool.


Toxaprevent binds and removes the following toxins from the body:

  • Histamine

  • Mould

  • Mycotoxins

  • Ammonium

  • Aflatoxins

  • Ochratoxins A & B

  • Mercury

  • Lead

  • Aluminium

  • Cadmium

  • Arsenic

  • Nickel

  • Tin

  • Dimethylamine

  • Nitrosamine

  • Tyramine

Toxaprevent is regulated and classed as a medical device. Even though the packaging may look medical, it is completely natural; it is volcanic ash. It was certified as a medical device because it could be proven which toxins Toxaprevent removed from the body. It is safe to take daily, and this is why Toxaprevent was awarded its medical device certification. The certification shows that our Zeolite Clinoptilolite (MANC) has been processed to remove all the toxins, so it is completely clean of all environmental pollutants and irritants. 

What do they taste like? 

The Toxaprevent Medi Pure capsules - I’d say you can’t taste these when you swallow them, but the Toxaprevent Medi Plus sachets mixed into water taste chalky - not particularly unpleasant and personally I find it very tolerable. The Toxaprevent Dentagain toothpaste has a slight lemon flavour to it.

How it's helped me and its key benefits

The part you’ve probably been keen to understand, how Toxaprevent products have helped me and the key benefits!


Not only did it sporadically help with my gastroparesis flare ups when eating a trigger food back ~6 years ago. But in July 2023 I was able to travel to Thailand for 6 weeks, a month after taking it non-stop. Instead of using an asthma rescue inhaler 40+ times on the flight, I used it once, maybe not even! Then with a combination of all of my MCAS management strategies, implementing boundaries and particularly with Toxaprevent daily I was able to enjoy my time there with a huge improvement and contrast to staying home all day every day.

I’ve gradually since been able to go out more with friends who are wearing perfume and (yes I don’t hug them so it’s not on my skin) but it’s still strong and close to me and I’ve been able to generally tolerate more environmental triggers - which means less housebound-ness, woohoo!

I’ve even very recently added in a few new foods (veggies!). Over the 3.5+ years of MCAS another separate symptom to my daily reactions is that all vegetables (not related to FODMAPS or histamine)  would literally flush out of me (called 'dumping syndrome', due to MCAS) and therefore I only ate a handful of foods for the past 3.5+ years (plain beige gastroparesis friendly ones) - so I’m starting to gradually improve with this too. I was plant based before these 3.5 years so you cannot imagine how hard it was to be forced to cut out my beloved vegetables.

Specific symptoms that it has helped with:

So when I say my MCAS got bad 3.5+ years ago, I’m referring to these reactions that after I got COVID in March 2020, I gradually began developing these reactions after eating literally anything and sometimes drinking plain water! 


The reactions could last from 10 min to 2 hours and not just be to the idea of ingesting anything, but to a myriad of environmental triggers. Here’s what they would look like:


  • Full body under skin itching / "urticaria"- like prickly heat rash

  • Lumpy rash on my neck throat area but larger hives (not eczema as it goes after reaction) 

  • Deep chesty asthma cough - essentially asthma attack after eating/drinking (happens always but slightly worse with higher histamine foods, other environmental triggers or when meds are due in a few hours and are tapering off) 

  • Chest heaviness and pain when breathing in deeply, with asthma wheeze and cough (asthma)

  • Hives that spread to the throat with difficulty breathing in or swallowing; partial throat closure (never enough to stop breathing fully or become unconscious, just uncomfortable and have to angle in particular way to breathe for about 20 minutes until it passes)

  • Hives / swelling inside mouth on palette, gums and back of throat, lip swelling and hives 

  • Red hives on the external skin of my neck 

  • Face flushing and redness 

  • Migraine type symptoms (nausea, headache, dizziness) 

  • Itchy nose / sneezing (less frequently) 

  • PoTS symptoms worsening on standing (palpitations, pre-syncope etc)

  • Scalp eczema flares 

  • Full body aching/pains (fibromyalgia)

  • Extreme fatigue and body weakness, can't stand or hold myself up - need to lie down supported on the sofa until it passes

  • Sweating / hot flushes and full body chills (without fever) 

Other Symptoms:

Reactions to eating vegetables or all foods apart from beige plain bread/rice, egg, chicken breast and bone broth. Dumping syndrome where just minutes after eating anything other than this you’ll experience a yellow toxic foul smelling diarrhoea (TMI!). It doesn’t last like a tummy flare up but just flushes the food out and once it’s flushed out you feel fine. I know a few others with MCAS who also experience exactly this and ketotifen and sodium cromoglycate that target the gut help with stabilising the mast cells here and famotidine that’s an H2 antihistamine has helped too - but I definitely vouch that Toxaprevent has also helped on top of this.

These daily reactions have alleviated enormously and are incredibly occasional now with all of my strategies for managing MCAS. They might solely occur when my bucket is just incredibly full with lots of going out with environmental triggers or very high histamine foods. Taking toxaprevent to consistently flush out histamine and all of the other toxins it removes is an invaluable tool to have to keep my bucket lower that I'm incredibly grateful to have discovered.

Below I'll answer some FAQ's about Toxaprevent, and any more that tend to get asked I'll add them to this list.

Can I get Toxaprevent from another country?

Sure can! Nouveau Healthcare ships worldwide, so you can access the product wherever you are.

Can you take these indefinitely, or is it a course?

Yes, you can take Toxaprevent indefinitely. Think of it like a sponge or a 'garbage truck', probably not the nicest of analogies. All it's doing is mopping up the environmental toxins we are exposed to daily, including histamine, and removing them from the body. It's not like a supplement where it is fixing a nutrient deficiency. Toxaprevent is specifically a binder which mops up toxins and removes them from the body through your stool. So, Toxaprevent nor toxins are ever stored or processed in the body!

If it doesn't work sufficiently after the 3-month protocol, is it safe to continue taking them and for how long/indefinitely?

Yep! Everyone's immune system is different, and everyone's histamine load is different. So, for some, three months may be enough to empty that histamine bucket. But others may need to take it for longer. Remember it's not just histamine that Toxaprevent is removing, but all the other toxins that trigger the immune system and cause histamine intolerance (OVERLOAD!) in the first instance.

Remember you can get 5% off any orders placed so just use this link above and/or code if it's something you want to trial.

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