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Tips for Moving Home with Chronic Illness

Last year I went through the process of moving homes, so I collated some tips and strategies to help when you have chronic illness. People often say moving home is one of the most stressful things in life, so I hope this guide streamlines it and helps it be a little less stressful for you!

1. Pack slowly over many days or even weeks to avoid burnout

Title Cards Moving Home.jpg

3. Create a detailed digital inventory and label your boxes with a marker pen as you go


5. If you need to pre-order furniture for your next place you can sketch the floor plan out on a home design software app to confirm everything will fit


7.  Plan out meals ahead of time so you can clean out your fridge in good time

I opted for meal replacement shakes that were particularly useful, especially on the last day


2. To avoid bending down try to keep boxes on a table and use a stool or beanbag if you have to crouch


4. Take regular breaks, remember to use your pain relief strategies and keep them in clearly labelled boxes with easy access


6. Hire a van service with someone to carry the boxes and everything for you (they can even pack for you if you don't have friends or family to help lift the boxes when packing!)


8. When you get to your next location don't rush to unpack and allow ample time to get yourself settled in your new place

Bookmark this page to refer to when you need it. Is there anything you would add?

Let me know via the button below and I'll be sure to update this page!

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