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Recommended Products

On this page you can find the products that I've tried, tested and love so much that I've asked them for an affiliate link or code. I will only ever share products that I authentically use and value here. Please note any links clicked on are affiliate links and codes used are affiliate which means I'll earn a very small commission for each purchase.

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This air purifier was recommended on several MCAS summits as the best on the market. It has an Ultra HEPA filter with 3-stage filtration and proprietary dual-action Carbon VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) filter to remove allergens, pet dander, smoke, viruses, bacteria, pollen, mould and other volatile organic chemicals like formaldehyde.

Follow the link to get £200 off this model

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Avulux are migraine and light sensitivity glasses that block the blue, amber, and red wavelengths of light that can often be harmful and trigger migraine attacks. They filter in only the soothing green light. I experience light sensitivity as a chronic migraine symptom and these help in any bright places or with fluorescent lights and at the onset of an attack they can often subside it if the light is triggering a migraine. You can do a virtual try-on and I wear the "Bli" havana glasses. 


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This wearable hot water bottle has been used daily for the whole of winter. The proprietary design features a small hot water bottle with a fluffy case that can be wrapped around and worn. I use it to keep me warm on my daily gentle walks whilst the temperatures are cold, but it doubles up as pain relief for my stomach, hips, spine or any region that's sore. If I'm walking and suddenly partially dislocate a joint the instant heat can help with the pain in the area. It's my go-to on-the-go heat related pain management strategy. 

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My go-to Manuka Honey brand, I've been using Steens, that's packed with immune boosting goodness and theirs is all sourced in New Zealand. With amino acids, anti inflammatory properties and gut health benefits. 

positivelychronictravels20 for 20% off

Lots of recommendations also on my Amazon shop lists linked at the button below. From Daily Management Strategies, Travel Essentials, Accessible Home and Kitchen Tools and more.

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