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Travelling with Chronic illness

I have always loved the idea of travel. And for me, beaches are my happy place! But with multiple chronic illnesses that have a huge array of different debilitating symptoms that also affect mobility, it can be a lot more challenging to travel in comparison with those who are potentially more able-bodied. 

Following my diagnosis, I took a year being more or less housebound with a very consistent routine to manage all the aspects of my chronic illnesses. All the things that helped me with management can be found under management strategies. 

During this time working from home, I would spend every evening preparing for my travels. Having a chronic illness means a lot of factors may need to be changed when planning for travel and it’s not always possible to travel in the ‘conventional’ way that people tend to travel (e.g. moving frequently) and there’s often a huge amount more research required to ensure you are ready to go.

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It took me such a long time to prepare and put together all this information that I realised that I since I can, I should streamline it to help YOU, so this entire section is all dedicated to resources that you may find useful before going away with a chronic illness. Since creating this all, I've had more conditions (like MCAS) added to the list that make it even more of a challenge - but I'm doing everything I can to make it possible and sharing what has helped me along the way!

There is a TON of research, preparation and planning that's all admin related to be done before travel with chronic illness, so I've dedicated a page with loads of information to help you rigorously plan in detail.

With my top strategies for packing and a lot of lists that will help prompt you with possible things you'll need to pack, this page is your go-to-guide to refer to when packing for any trip!

If you’re looking for a resort for a brief sunny holiday that is accessible if you have reduced mobility, then I've started creating videos of those ideal resorts that I've visited to showcase why these may be suitable for you. More to follow on this page so stay tuned!

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