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Useful Resources

Under this section you can find a range of resources to help you with life and chronic illnesses.

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Free meditations that I've created and recorded that are specific to life with chronic illness for you to refer to when you need to take 10 minutes to be transported through visualisation in your mind and find calm, relaxation and relief.

A page dedicated to helping you prepare for medical appointments. With a template you can use to prep from, alongside top tips for advocating for yourself for a medical appointment to get the adequate care you need and deserve

Here you can find all of my free templates that can help you with a range of scenarios with chronic illness

Find direct links to charities and NGO's that have helped me with information and resources on my chronic illness journey. You can also find a document with MCAS aware consultants here.

Discover more about my experience with employment and being diagnosed with chronic illness in the workplace. What I wish I knew before, how to advocate in the workplace and a template to help you communicate why you need reasonable adjustments for if you wish to disclose your illness and disabilities. 

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Chronic illness insights, tips & resources