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Nova Maldives Accessibility Review: A Paradise for Variable Mobility Travellers

Introduction: Nova Maldives is a brand new resort that opened in the South Ari Atoll in Summer 2022. Nova offers a unique tropical experience that's ideal for travelers with variable mobility. Whether you're dealing with conditions like Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, PoTS, CFS/ME, arthritis, MCAS, allergies, asthma or dietary restrictions, this resort is likely to be able to cater to your needs. In this accessibility review, we'll explore the key features of Nova Maldives that make it an excellent choice for those seeking a relaxing and accommodating vacation.

Accessibility Highlights:

  1. Sandy Paths and Wheelchair Rental: The resort features sandy paths throughout, but they do offer wheelchair rentals, making it accessible for those with who may require one on a less regular basis but in case of the occasional symptom flare up.

  2. Dietary Restrictions: Nova Maldives excels in catering to dietary restrictions, ensuring that guests with various food sensitivities or allergies can enjoy their meals without worry, with a whatsapp chat directly with the chef.

  3. Ideal for Variable Mobility: Nova Maldives is a paradise for travelers with fluctuating mobility. Here's why:

  • Proximity to Amenities: Everything you need is within easy reach.

  • Beach Villas: Relax on the beach right outside your villa.

  • Water Villas: Enjoy the ocean right at your doorstep.

  • Hydrotherapy: If therapeutic sea or pool sessions help, this resort is perfect.

  • Swimming: The vibrant house reef filled with tropical marine life is right on your doorstep to swim in a shallow lagoon or snorkel.

Getting to Nova Maldives

Nova Maldives is just a 25-minute seaplane ride away from Male International Airport. While the seaplane has a few steps, once you arrive, you're transferred to the island's jetty via a speedboat (with a few steps).

Island Overview

Nova Maldives is a tiny island, easily walkable in 15-20 minutes. With only 76 villas, it never feels overcrowded, and most amenities are conveniently located, making it an ideal choice for travelers with variable mobility.

Catering for Dietary Restrictions

The resort's culinary offerings are exceptional, with a wide variety of options. The head chef even communicates via WhatsApp to accommodate specific dietary needs. I was asked what I wanted to eat on each day and they even welcomed me to share any cravings and recipes for them to make up!

Accessibility Concerns

While Nova Maldives is generally accessible, there are a few considerations:

  • Ramps Needed: Full-time wheelchair users might find the lack of ramps an issue. Suggesting the addition of ramps has been recommended.

  • Beach Villas: Not suitable due to the step off the terrace to the beach.

  • Water Villas: Accessible but with steps to get into the ocean.

Wheelchair and Pathway Concerns

The resort does provide a regular wheelchair, but the sandy paths can pose challenges. Suggesting a sand-suitable beach wheelchair or concrete pathways for improved accessibility.

Accommodations for Flare-Up Days

Nova Maldives offers the perfect environment for relaxing during flare-ups, with stunning ocean views and room service. While the Wi-Fi signal can be sporadic, it's generally reliable for entertainment.

Physiotherapy Opportunities

If gentle walking is part of your physiotherapy routine, the island's pathways and beautiful beach offer a serene setting.

Medical Emergency Preparedness

The resort takes medical emergencies seriously, with adequate supplies and an on-call island doctor. They even have provisions for anaphylaxis and asthma management.

MCAS, Allergies, and Asthma

Nova Maldives is pet-free and takes meticulous measures to accommodate guests with allergies and asthma, from personalised laundry practices (bring them your own laundry detergent to wash sheets in if required) to allergen-free room setups.

Activities and Entertainment

Nova Maldives provides a range of activities and entertainment options:

  • Infinity pool with a Pool Bar

  • Spa with underwater treatment rooms

  • Gym

  • Island Gift Shop

  • Various sports activities, yoga classes, and water-based excursions

  • Evening entertainment, including live music, movies, and fire shows

Nova Maldives stands out as a welcoming haven for travelers with variable mobility and specific health needs like those listed above. If you seek a tranquil escape in a stunning tropical setting with top-notch accessibility and personalised service, Nova Maldives is an excellent choice. Whether you're exploring the underwater world in the shallow turquoise lagoon, enjoying the beach, or simply relaxing in your villa, this resort caters to your every need, ensuring a memorable and comfortable stay.

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