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Accessible Resorts

On this section I'll be sharing the accessible resorts that I visit on my travels,​ and why I found them accessible. Travelling with chronic illness means prepping in advance for every small detail. Booking a package holiday can often mean that a lot of this prep is accounted for, with the journey and transfers all sorted. Staying in a resort means that there will always be people on call at reception who can give assistance when needed, and it makes solo travel with chronic illness more possible too. 


We chose to visit this resort around 8 months after I'd been diagnosed. We wanted to go on a proper "chunk" of travels (~18 months was the plan!), but weren't sure if it would even be possible?!


So this super accessible resort was our little 'trial' to see how I would cope with symptoms, and learn what we needed to prep in the future for our longer travels. This holiday was also a jump start to focus on wellness, and have the warmth to improve symptoms and sea for hydrotherapy. We went for two weeks on a half board package that we found significantly discounted on a package website (their website always has very extortionate prices so look on third party sites for a better deal). This resort was definitely pricey, however the price comparisons between a similar resort in other warm places like Gran Canaria, Mauritius, Mexico and Thailand were only with a few hundred £ difference, and this resort was a lot more accessible than a lot of the other options. We went in March, and between January - March is the best time to visit the Maldives.

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