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Superfood Hot Chocolate

I've been an affiliate for Yoursuperfoods for around a year now, with their magic mushroom chocolate powder blend as my fave 🤤 [don't worry it’s not psychedelic]

🍄It contains medicinal mushrooms; REISHI and CHAGA that have immune boosting properties. It also has the antioxidant + energy benefits of raw CACAO, stress relieving properties from ASHWAGHANDA & anti-inflammatory flavour additions of CINNAMON and LUCUMA ✨

🥛I make it as a latte with foamy oat milk but as the weather is now warming I also turn it into iced chocolate milk, or a milkshake with dates, nut butter, ice, plant milk, collagen & magic mushroom powder

Affiliate code is always POSITIVE15 for 15% off anything Yoursuperfoods

✈️When I was travelling I'd bring along collagen sachets from Ancient and Brave and add them to smoothies or hot drinks. After years of loving their products I've also JUST become an affiliate with them. I add collagen to my chocolate based drinks as the subtle taste is totally hidden and makes it creamier!

🦓PS. In EDS collagen is weaker/poorer in structure which affects the whole body. There ISN’T research that shows collagen supplements help in EDS as it doesn't actually absorb properly (did you know this!?) HOWEVER I choose to take supplements IN CASE research changes one day (ya never know!) 🤷‍♀️😅 Despite this research, my EDS rheumatologist told me to eat a carnivorous diet (which I can’t due to MCAS reactions to meat) but I CAN tolerate collagen which has some benefits from meat without eating it

Superfood Hot Chocolate:


~250ml @oatly barista / plant milk

1.5 tsps magic mushroom powder @yoursuperfoods

1 tsp sweetener (maple syrup/coconut sugar/honey)

1-2 tsps collagen powder @ancientandbrave


Whisk the milk on the hob on a medium heat for a few minutes, once warm add other ingredients, pour into a mug and enjoy!

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