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Easy Cheesy Vegan Pasta

I make this when I want a meal that’s filling, not too rich but also quick & easy to cook and wash up! This is ready in 10-12 minutes, is so creamy and simple, still has some nutritious veg and using gluten free pasta makes it creamy yet a lot less heavy.


  • Gluten free pasta

  • Broccoli

  • Green beans

  • Frozen peas

  • Vegan cream cheese (Sheese is my favourite brand for this)

  • Vegan grated cheese

  • Nutritional yeast flakes (with B12 added)

  • Salt & pepper to taste

This recipe is super simple and is my go to when I want a comforting meal that doesn’t take too many spoons or energy - and is all created in one pot

Quantities vary on portion size - and if I’m just cooking for myself I’ll measure out a portion based on how much fits in half of the bowl I want to eat it in and then bring it to the boil in water in a large saucepan.

While the pasta begins to boil I will prepare the veg, washing then cut off the ends of some green beans and tenderstem broccoli and cut them around 1-2 inches long.

When there is 7 minutes left on the pasta boil, add the green beans - after 3 minutes (the green beans will begin changing to a darker green slightly) it’s the right time to add the broccoli, now 2 minutes later add in your frozen peas to boil to the top when ready. Drain the pot and put everything back in the pan on a low heat. Add the (vegan) cream cheese & grated cheese and around 2-5 tbsp nutritional yeast (I usually sprinkle on quite a lot!) but it depends on the portion size so difficult to say exactly how much. Nutritional yeast adds so much depth and flavour especially when combined with the vegan cheeses! Salt really brings out the flavour too so add salt and pepper taste!

Simple, quick, comforting and super yum! 😍

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