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Alcohol free drinks tasting 

Alcohol Free Drinks Tasting - rating & review with 18 options and 12 brands


Do you avoid alcohol for mental or physical health reasons?


Tired of only having water, juice and fizzy drinks as your options when out with friends?


Well, look no further because this alcohol free drinks tasting has over 18 options from 12 different drinks brands. Using an objective rating scale, discover which options could be best suited to your preferences.


The alcohol free drinks are rated in terms of

📌 The drink USP 

🌟ease of preparation

🌟whether the sugar content is low 

🌟value for money based on cost per serve 

🌟whether it mimics the alcohol experience

🌟if there are health benefits 



Pentire, Caleño, Three Spirit, Gimber, Everleaf, Seedlip, Savyll, Mockingbird Spirit, Boo Chi, Stryyk, Ceder's, Kolibri

Find out the perfect alcohol free alternative for your taste, so that you can join in with the experience when people are socially drinking out and about, with friends and family!


Have you found your go-to alcohol free alternative from this tasting?

Has it been helpful?

Have you tried and alcohol free alternatives that I haven't mentioned?

What did you think of them?

Whatever it is, I'd love to hear so please do drop me a message

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