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Accepting Chronic Illness

When is comes to acceptance of your chronic illness, no one’s journey will be the same, we will all have time frames for processing and the stages of grief aren’t always linear and still arise sometimes. Your journey and thought processes may well be different, but I’m sharing some of the thought processes and affirmations that helped me:

1. ​My pain and experience is valid 

2. It's all about changing my lifestyle to focus on daily management and wellness 


3. It might be chronic (forever) with no cure but there WILL BE management strategies that alleviate symptoms and improve quality of life 
* everyone is different and there is never a one size fits all for this 

4. Experiencing these stages of grief is part of the process and it's OKAY to feel how I feel right now 






* remember these stages may not appear in a linear order and may surface after acceptance too and that's okay

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5. I am grateful for these things {whatever they are} that my body CAN do

* I have a free 10 minute Self Love Meditation to help you do this

6. Healing and symptom relief won't necessarily be linear and there will be good days and bad days 


7. It's okay to rest and show my body compassion 


8. My focus is on putting my body's needs first 

9. Everything I do each day will focus on wellness and helping me feel good, to alleviate some pain and symptoms 

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